Ghosts VII 🌙🌻

Her soft hand held my chin and made me face her way, she then caressed my face and I felt the walls and my mask dissolve with her every touch. There was no going back, I was being vulnerable, for real this time. “I… I always felt that for some reason I deserve less. Every time something hurtful happened I just couldn’t do something about it. All the impotence, all the angry feelings would implode inside my heart…” I held Korie on an embrace, I didn’t want her to see me cry.

D E A T H (Ghosts part III💀)

"I am right behind this wall, sweetheart. If you feel ready, we can have a nice conversation. I must warn you; most people do not leave being the same person as they were once they meet me, nor their perspective on life. I will shake your world, if you allow me, of course." The way he spoke was melodic, so sure of himself and still considerate.